The development and evolution in technology has helped modern day smart phones and Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)’s more refined and sophisticated. It has drastically changed the way in which we perform our mobile transactions. The advent of Google Wallet and Quick Teller is an indication that mobile payment system is relevant today and more so in future. Mobile payments in recent years has become universally evolved, it is becoming more valuable in terms of Near Field communication (NFC), sensors, storage, and processing power that allows many people always carry their smartphones.

The common ubiquity of Smartphone’s and electronic payments has lead to some initiatives for mobile payments. The motivation for this dissertation was to create a successful Mobile Payment System (MPS) that facilitates resources management. The goal was to describe a system that could make store contents on mobile devices. However some mobile technologies like processor speed and battery life are limiting factors that affect the ubiquity of the system. The novel design of existing MPS was investigated especially targeted a latest Smartphone’s and innovations to address some of the shortcomings. The design choice enables stored User Interface inside the application; integration of multiple payment cards; Virtual payment card; three factor authentication metrics.

In this dissertation, a framework for resource management in mobile payment system was presented, the framework comprises of technologies such as Java Virtual Machine (JVM), Application configuration and various networking protocols and the architecture for financial transaction was presented. Furthermore, possible security issues, risk and threats that might be experienced by users and the communication channel was also revealed. In addition, the database was created using SQLite, Android Studio software was used to develop and test the application and extreme programming methodology was used.

The study concluded that the right technologies can enable proficient storage of content on client’s mobile device to facilitate resource management. The main result of this dissertation has established how resources can be managed for a financial transaction on a mobile device. The framework developed enabled the implementation of an application. The application shows that the right technology is available to successfully implement the application. Consequently, this research brings to a close that practical applications are within the realm of possibility.

Keywords: Resource management, Mobile payment system, Smart phones, Android, Security.

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