Artists are inspired in many ways from several things they see in their environments, such as objects and through their activities with those objects. Artistic inspiration may also come from such things as weather, thoughts, feelings, mood, words etc. It is the strength of the artist to make conceptual feeling concrete. In this instance, the artist has selected air as a medium of exprgession in sculpture.

     Air as an inevitable aspect of life, we use air everyday to sustain our lives. A number of things we have in our homes, offices, and industries etc, either function by air or function to make breeze is also a product of air. People are still researching for more findings on how to manipulate air to produce more things. Air is endowed with interesting qualities; though it is neither seen nor touched but it can be manipulated with either natural or mechanical (artificial) devise to obtain shapes, forms or movement. It is these qualities that attracted the artist attention. Air itself is not seen, but through its manipulations we can obtain shapes, forms and movement to form an interesting sculpture. There are more challenges on the idea of air as a medium of expression, hence this studio research is undertaken to give attention to air as its implication as a creative medium.

     In the process of this research, the artist studied the shapes, forms, and attitude air takes when it is manipulated with various devices; while trying to understand the artistic problems that surround this project. Literature and research works done on air projects were reviewed. Those who have done considerable works, with similar experiences expected on this project were studied and the studio works were produced based on the objective of this study. The research and the studio experiments were package in five chapter report.

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