The security of lives and property is one of the internationally recognized concern of individuals, groups and government at all levels be it local, state or federal. However, lack of security of lives and property in Nigeria has led to reduced life expectancy for the citizens, low national growth and development which is primarily due to the activities of terrorist (Boko-Haram) in Nigeria and its borders. Nonetheless, few empirical studies exist to ascertain this fact even though the general public perceived low growth and development as the resultant effects of terrorist activities in the country. This study provided empirical evidence on the counter terrorism strategies and Nigeria’s foreign policy objectives.

The study employed survey research design. The population for the study was 179 comprising 16 Nigeria Police Officers, 20 State Security Services, 20 Nigerian Security and Civil Defense (NSCDC), 16 Nigeria Army Officer, 18 Air Force and 18 Officer of Nigerian Immigration Service.  Purposive sampling technique was used. Data were collected with a questionnaire. The reliability test of the variables ranged from α = 0.84 – 0.88.. Data were analysed using correlation and multiple regression.

The findings revealed a statically significant relationship between foreign policy objective and effective management of terrorism activities in Nigeria (r = 0.155, P<.05). The analysis further revealed that five out of the nine barriers, that is, inadequate manpower and training (β = -1.322, p<.05), proliferation of arms and ammunition (β = 1.327, p<.05),   lack of rule of law and sanctions (β = .947, p<.05), wide spread social injustice (β = .637, <.05), and religious intolerance (β = -1.206, p<.05), significantly influenced ineffective counter terrorism policy implementation in Nigeria.

The study concluded that there was a generally high level of awareness about Nigeria’s foreign policy objective among the respondents.  Hence, it was recommended that Nigeria Government should endeavour to reduce terrorism attacks through proper liaison with civilian JTF and effectively protecting its border by putting security mechanism that will enhance the activities of the security agencies in the country..

Keywords: Counter-terrorism, Strategies, Foreign Policy, Objectives

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