The study is an investigation into the “Effect of Departmentation in the organizational setting” (A study of Ezenwa Plastic, Onitsha). Sound organizational structure involves dividing activities into departments, divisions, units and sub units, defining relationship between the heads and members that make up the units. Problems that makes the researcher to look into this topic is efficiency and ineffectiveness in organization work procedures and operations, difficulties in effective supervision, thus lack of co-ordination and uniformity within the organization, conflicts of interest and authority among competing managers. The objectives of this study are to ascertain the efficiency and effectiveness in organization work procedure/operations will enhance organizational effectiveness, to ascertain how effective supervision, adequate coordination and uniformity will contribute to organizational success, to ascertain the sufficient interest and authority among competing managers will enhance the organization success. A case study and survey method where used to gather relevant data necessary for the analysis. The sample size is 52. The Taro Yemen was use to determine the sample size. Simple regression method was used for the analysis. The major findings of this research work are that departmentation contribute to effective performance in an organization. It enhances effective managerial control and supervision. It also promotes specialization of functions and helps to integrate organization effort towards achieving objectives. Recommendation is based on the analysis of the data and the conclusion above; it was revealed that the secret of achieving organizational effectiveness was effective and efficient departmentation of the whole organization setting.

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