Effects of Different Binders on the Physical and Combustion Properties of Dried Leaves Briquettes

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Effects of Different Binders on the Physical and Combustion Properties of Dried Leaves Briquettes


Biomass Briquetting can address waste problems, reduce air pollution from direct open air burning and also reduce dependence on fossil fuels for heat generation. Dry leaves have been shown to have high calorific values; therefore the purpose of this study is to determine the effects of some binders on the physical and combustion properties of dried leaves briquettes. Dried leaves were mixed with binders such as clay, starch and Arabic gum separately at different ratios of 10%, 20%, 30% and 40%, and made into briquettes using a manual press with a hydraulic jack of 20 tons. Physical and combustion properties of these briquettes were obtained using different methods prescribed by other researchers. From the results of the properties tested, briquettes made from dried leaves and gum at 40% of binder was most resistant to water. Dried leaves and clay at 40% had the highest relative density of 0.7977g/cm3. Dried leaves an.d starch had a relative density at 40%, 0.4640g/cm3 while briquettes with gum binder had 30%, 0.4030g/cm3. Dried leaves and gum at 40% had the highest volatile matter of 84.110% and the highest heating value of 30.5118MJ/kg at 10%. Briquettes at this ratio failed to hold, because of its low durability. The high ash content of briquettes bonded with clay 16.353% to 34.487% made it difficult to ignite, due to the presence of non combustible matter. Dried leaves bonded with starch at 20% had high heating value of 30.2189, and was able to withstand shattering with durability of 81.752% and high relaxation ratio of 1.7427. It can then be considered as the best binder in this study.


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