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Mass production of freshwater rotifer, Branchionuscalyciflorus was carried out using different food types (Chlorella sp., Spirulina sp., and Baker’s yeast). Rotifer stock culture was prepared using NPK + urea (50g: 2.5g) and chicken droppings with freshly grown alga. Different food concentrations (150, 300, 650 and 1000 mg/ml) and feeding intervals (2x and 3x per day) were used to grow B. calyciflorus in a Batch culture method. Optimum pH (7.02±0.06), dissolved oxygen (6.68±1.23 mg/l) and temperature (26.00±0.02 °C) were maintained in the course of the experiment. Rotifers were sampled every two days to determine the population and counting of the population was done using calibrated petri-dish wider stereomicroscope. Number of rotifers was expressed in individual/ml. Data obtained showed that there was significant difference in population growth increase in all the variables used in this study (P < 0.05). The highest population growth was attained with 650 mg/ml of Chlorella sp. (213.81±9.94 individuals/ml), followed by Baker’s yeast (196.67±8.18 individuals/ml) and 300 mg/ml of Spirulina sp. (151.90±7.98 individuals/ml). The least population growth of B. calyciflorus was recorded with 150 mg/ml concentration of Chlorella sp. and Spirulina sp. (81.43±6.19 and 75.71±5.12 individuals/ml, respectively), and 1000mg/ml of Baker’s yeast (65.r24 ±3.86 individuals/ml). Generally, higher food concentrations (1000 mg/ml and 650 mg/ml) did better with 2x feeding interval (90.16±3.47 and 176.19±9.57 individuals/ml) respectively (p < 0.05). The lower concentrations (150mg/ml and 300mg/ml) gave the best population growth of B. calyciflorus with 3x feeding interval. The peak population growth was attained on day 8 of the experiment (p < 0.05). The present study indicated that the quantity and quality of food have a significant role on the rotifer production and Chlorella sp. at 650 mg/ml appears most suitable to feed rotifers for maximal production.


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