Advertising as a profession and a field of study explains the reason why it cannot be underestimated. However, advertising in the 21st century has gone beyond making use of the traditional sources of the media to create awareness about product services, goods and ideas to prospective consumers. The advent of the new media has solidified the relevance of the internet in advertising. This research exercise examined online advertising and consumers’ perception on purchase decision of Smartphones. The study examined the general level of exposure which consumers had towards online advertising. The attention, awareness and perception level of consumers towards Smartphone brands advertised online was being checked as well. The relevance of Gibson’s theory of direct perception and the AIDA model was used in backing up the study.

In this study, the descriptive survey research design was adopted making use of the quantitative research method to accurately establish the relationships between the variables considered in the study. Residents of Lagos State from Agege and Ikeja Local Government Areas were the accessible population for this study. The multi-stage sampling technique was used because more than one sampling method was combined in order to arrive at a finite representative sample size for the study. Validated questionnaires were distributed and data was being gathered, analysed and interpreted making use of frequency counts, mean, standard deviation, tables and charts.

This study adopted five objectives and three hypotheses. Eight hundred and sixteen (816) copies of the questionnaire were administered. Majority of the attendants were females and young individuals. It was deduced from this study that pricing, features, brand preferences, social Influence as important factors which contribute to the purchase decision of Smartphones being advertised online. The study also revealed that majority of the respondents pay less attention to online advertisements but are attracted to the graphic quality of advertised contents on social media which is also a form of online advertising. Overall, the study found out that the new media is capable of influencing consumer’s choice of purchasing Smartphones being advertised online. This research work made it evident that it becomes mandatory for and strategic for Smartphone manufacturers, vendors and marketers to adopt online advertising through social media.

It was concluded that Smartphone manufacturers, vendors and marketers need to identify online platforms that would enhance user interactivity with the potential for consumer online Smartphone advertisement customized exposure. This study proffered recommendations to Smartphone manufacturers, marketers, and vendors about the appropriate utilization of online advertising for Smartphones; with a view to improving the contents of online adverts of Smartphones as well as making use of the best platform for new media advertising to boost the purchase of Smartphones.

 Keywords: Online Advertising, Awareness, Smartphone, Perception, Purchase Decision.

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