Prediction Of Sugar Yield From Sugar Cane Using Process Modeling

by Researcher

Prediction Of Sugar Yield From Sugar Cane Using Process Modeling


A study was undertaken to developed a model that will be used to predict sugar and the by-products from sugar cane. The model developed from MATLAB was used to predict the sugar, bagasse, filter cake and molasses yield from sugar cane. The predicted values from the model were compared to yield data obtained from the production of sugar cane from the Savannah Sugar Company, Numan, Nigeria for 90 days. The analysis gof variance (ANOVA) at p ≤ 0.01 was used to determine if there were significant difference in the yield predicted by the model and the measured factory yield. The F-LSD at p ≤ 0.01 was used to separate the means. The model is validated where there was no significant difference between its predicted yield and the factory-obtained yield. The sugar cane input of 2,150.52 MT was obtained from the Savannah Sugar factory. The corresponding imbibitions water pumped into the mixed juice was 673.12 MT. The predicted sugar, bagasse, molasses and filter cake yield using the MATLAB model was 279.5MT (13%), 1,049.46MT(48%), 111.828MT(5.2%) and 101.1MT(4.7%) respectively. The ANOVA showed that there was no significant difference between the MATLAB model and the factory-based model. It is concluded that the ANOVA validated MATLAB model for sugar yield prediction. Consequently, this model is recommended for use in predicting sugar and by-products yields from sugar cane. Statistical analysis using the F-LSD showed that the model satisfied such an invariant confidence in the model, and provided support for its validity.


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